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Here in the Pop Media office, we have been saying all season that Fringe needed a different time slot. Thursday nights are a heavy night for television. With so many good shows on Thursday nights, viewers are inevitably going to have to choose between favorites.

Or at least, choose to push a favorite off until later.

Fringe watchers have been doing exactly that. According to new numbers, Fringe gets a 41% boost in viewership when DVR numbers are added into the mix. It appears that even though fans may choose to watch another show before Fringe, they still want to watch Fringe.

This begs the question once again: why won’t Fox just move Fringe back to a different time slot. Fringe may be the strongest show that Fox has to put in that slot, but even so the show is struggling along with great difficulty, despite having a better season creatively than its freshman outing.

The good news? J.J. Abrams has said that he doesn’t believe that the show is in any immediate danger, because the studio execs understand that they have put Fringe in a terrible time slot. This means Fringe may survive, no matter how battle-scarred it is from fighting against the guys from CSI and the doctors of Grey‘s.

Hold on a little longer, Fringe, hold on.

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'Fringe' can hold on a bit longer
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On Tuesday the U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner stated that the U.S. economy is on the upswing, and that the government needed to work at ensuring a balanced recovery, Reuters reports.

“We are at the very beginnings of this recovery … We need to make sure that we keep at this, so we have in place a recovery that is going to be self-sustaining, led by private demand, (and) a financial system that can actually provide the credit that is needed,”

This is good news for Gen Y’ers who were just beginning to enter the stock market and the business world when the economy began its descent into madness.

Already it has been reported that Gen Y’ers are less likely to take risks than other generations when it comes to the market. An economic upswing could be exactly what this generation needs to jump in and bring back an economic boom.

So how about it? Do you believe the words of Timothy Geithner? Is our economy starting to get back on track? Weigh in by posting a comment in the comments section below!

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Renowned Indonesian movie director and screenwriter Joko Anwar posted a challenge to his less than 1000 followers that if he reached 3000 followers he would go into a Circle K naked.

Maybe he meant it, maybe he just underestimated the power of social networking, but either way Joko Anwar reached his goal in less than one hour, and Circle K hit the top of Twitter Trending Topics. As of this writing, Joko Anwar’s Twitter had jumped to almost 12,000.

It also appears that Joko intends to follow through with his promise, as he has been tweeting out that he is currently on the way to Circle K to perform his dastardly deed. His friends have also posted statuses that make it appear as though the famed Indonesian movie director has actually followed through on his promise.

However, do not expect this writer to post pictures of Joko Anwar’s streak through the Circle K. We’ll leave that to you.

UPDATE: It is true. Joko Anwar went through with his plan, as evidenced by the TwitPic he sent out.

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Going on an extended trip, and won’t be able to update the blog until I get back. So, until I return…

History folks…a semantic search engine for Twitter. Microblogging’s on the move. People can now search for jobs on Twitter.

Take a look at the search engine at, and maybe even find a new occupation while you’re at it!

In our ongoing coverage of Internet memes, we announce that the lying down game has hit Facebook.

Gist of the game…take pictures of yourself lying down in public places, the stranger the better.

Learn more at the following link:

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